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Otilia Barbuta

Otilia is an Associate at HP Tech Ventures. She works closely with the North American and European startup ecosystem across all of HP’s interest areas, including Advanced Manufacturing, AI, and Gaming.


Andrew Bolwell

Andrew is the Global Head and Managing Partner for HP Tech Ventures and oversees the fund’s worldwide and pan-industry activities and investments.


Angelo Del Priore

Angelo is a Partner for HP Tech Ventures, where he leads investments and partnerships in artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, PC Gaming, Services, and Education.


Irit Hillel

Irit is a Partner for HP Tech Ventures, leading strategic investments and partnerships with early-stage technology startups primarily originating in Israel, as well as globally in EdTech, Publishing and Microfluidics / Healthcare.


Amos Malter

As a Principal for HP Tech Ventures in Tel Aviv, Amos works closely with the Israeli startup eco-system, finding new leads, assessing startups’ technologies and supporting the companies in all stages of the investment process.


Maya Solomon

Maya is leading HP’s EdTech Sprint Startup Program. She is working with EdTech startups around the globe to help them scale their business and add value for their learners.


James Taylor

James, a Venture Partner for HP Tech Ventures, invests in key frontier technologies centering on artificial intelligence, machine learning, life sciences, edge computing devices, space and autonomous transportation.


Mitchell Weinstock

Mitchell is a Partner for HP Tech Ventures, where he identifies promising, leading-edge technology startups and pursues strategic investments and partnerships to help those companies bring products to market and scale as they grow.